Human Social Functioning


Module 6 – Reflective Log Assignment


•    To demonstrate how you have consolidated your learning on this course and can continue to apply it in to your day to day activities.


As instructed in Module 1, you should have been completing a “Reflective Log” as you went along on your HSF learning journey.

Your Reflective Log should have captured your reflections on a regular basis and in particular for:
– your experiences on both days of face to face training;
– your work on each module and assignments; and
– your work with clients using the HSF approach.

The reflective log you submit, can be in whatever format works for you (written, audio or video), but should cover the following:
– The date of each activity
– What theory was being cover – brief outline
– Your reaction to what you have learned – positive feelings, negative feelings, how it is different etc
– How you will use your new learning in your work

Criteria you will be assessed on for this assignment include:
– How you have embraced the learning experience

Please submit your completed assignment using the form below.
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