Human Social Functioning


Module 1 – Quiz


1. Which of the key concepts of HSF was much influenced by Jung?


2. To which style of counselling is HSF close but applying a firmer structure?


3. What orientation of HSF provides it with an affinity to a behavioural approach?


4. Heimler did not set out to develop, a new method but the ethos of HSF meant an abandonment of what, within the dominant therapeutic approach of his day?


5. Heimler’s concept is that energy can be  usable and unusable.  What does usable energy result in?


6. How does Heimler’s quote ‘Pain is the spur’ fit into his concept of energy?


7. Complete the following sentence: ‘The Heimler method, as a whole, provides a structure to enable clients to  ……………….’


8. The ‘social experiment’ that Heimler experienced in Auschwitz became the seedbed for his discovering what?


9. In the extreme conditions of Auschwitz which response did Heimler take?


10. In what way does the use of imagination enhance our access to, and make use of, our experience?


11. What happens if there is frustration in T2?


12. How many core elements are there in HSF?


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