Human Social Functioning (HSF-01)


A unique approach for helping people find meaning and purpose in life.
Start date: 25 April 2016

30 hours


Rachel Spurr
Rachel Spurr
Trainer, Coach, Therapist, Consultant



A unique approach for helping people find meaning and purpose in life:

  • to turn their frustration into creativity
  • to develop and grow
  • to find harmony and peace of mind
  • to help others to function better

The Heimler HSF approach is a unique blend of methods, including a psychometric scale, which is both a sophisticated diagnostic and assessment instrument and, perhaps more importantly, a tool used with the client in the process of therapy. It can be used in many settings:

  • To help people with specific difficulties who are in need of support, counselling or therapy
  • To optimise functioning in a coaching context
  • To facilitate good functioning in the workplace

An integral aspect of HSF is a questionnaire – the Heimler Scale of Social Functioning (HSSF©). This can be used in a number of ways, to facilitate:

  • a client to understand their current functioning
  • clear communication between client and helper
  • the most appropriate therapeutic approach for an individual
  • as a self-help monitoring tool
  • communication with other professionals.

The HSF method works with:

  • Individuals
    o Adults
    o Young people (a youth scale is available)
    o School pupils (the Student Motivational Questionnaire – SMQ)
  • Couples
  • Groups
    o Families
    o Teams
    o Organisations
    o Businesses

The Heimler Scale is an extremely sophisticated instrument with a predictive and diagnostic capability, especially in relation to the way in which the balance of satisfactions and frustrations provides an accurate picture of how well a person is functioning and what level and kind of support is required.

Not only does it help us to understand a client’s present functioning and strength of inner resources, it is a valuable assessment tool that enables us to gather the information that will help the client, in a person centred yet structured way, turn life’s frustration into satisfaction, meaning and purposeful action.

This training course, together with its follow up tutorials and assessed assignment work, provides an opportunity to gain a Certificate as a Practitioner from the British Association of Social Functioning and, from Heimler International, a Licence to Use this sophisticated Scale as an aid to person centred therapy and as a diagnostic instrument to gauge client coping ability and the level of support required.

This training also forms part of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy’s programme of CPD events, the hours for which are recognised by UKCP for those on the pathway to UKCP accreditation. The CPD Certificate from the College will only be awarded to those, who have satisfactorily completed all of the assignment work.


Module 1
Introduction to Heimler and Human Social Functioning Methodology

Module 2
Interview Skills and Process

Module 3
Quantitative and Qualitative Scale Analysis

Module 4
Interviewing with the Scale

Module 5
Fragmentae Vitae

Module 6
Reflective Log

Additional Reading
Further Information