Helping you succeed in an ever changing world……

Our experienced trainers provide specialist training in a small number of communication and behavioural related topics, designed to help build your resilience and improve wellbeing.

We offer open training courses for individual’s to book on to, as well as designing bespoke training courses on these topics, for organisations to run ‘in house’.  To discuss your training needs, please get in touch with us.



A new perspective…….

Imagine a motivated and engaged workforce, who go the extra mile to deliver fantastic services for your customers…………what would that do for your results?

Find out more about how we can help you to achieve an effective leadership team, who deliver creative solutions through high performing teams.



Let’s talk…….

Every so often in life, we may need some support, for one reason or another.  Maybe things are getting us down, or maybe we can’t quite seem to grasp that opportunity we desire.

We offer a range of different therapy options, so have a read and see which one feels right for you.

Why Choose Us

Our customers are best at answering that question.  We have a wide range of experience working with public, private and third sector organisations as well as our theraputic work with individuals.  Here are some of the organisations we have worked with.

  • Moneypenny
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • Olympus Care Services
  • Sun Trevor
  • MIND
  • Moneypenny Foundation
  • DIY and Bargain Stores
  • RCS
  • Cwm Taf Health Board
  • Fizzy Peach

Kickstart your thinking!

Does your brain feel a bit sluggish on a Monday morning after a weekend off? A quick way to get the grey cells working again on Monday or any other day is a bit of purposeful self talk with positive thinking to motivate yourself. Remind yourself what you are able to achieve and how alert […]